100% Australian Made - 100% Australian Ingredients

100% Australian Made
100% Australian Ingredients

  • A healthy and wise choice for your child

  • Made from 100% Australian ingredients

  • Enjoyed by infants in Australia and around the world

  • Scientifically researched compound and process

100% Australian Made

Early Life Nutrition

At Avanta we use 100% Australian sourced ingredients to create our premium range of baby formulas.

With nutrition in mind, we aim to get an early start on your child’s development.

Avanta Premium Baby Formula will supply them with high quality ingredients to support a strong and healthy immune system and improve their cognitive function.

Stage 1

0-6 months

Stage 2

6-12 months

Stage 3

12-36 months

Scientific Formula

For each age group

Each component has been heavily researched and aims to assist your child in building their resilience and support every stage of your child’s development.

Our baby formula is available in a range of age brackets:

  • 0-6 months,
  • 6-12 months
  • 12-36 months.

Each formula is customised to suit your child’s current dietary needs.